Welcome.....V-Twin Cruisers Motorcycle Club is made up of American and Metric Cruisers and is open to all brands of motorcycles. We are incorporated and a non-profit organization, created for the purpose to pursue, promote, protect, and enjoy motorcycling. We are a family oriented, social club, non territorial. We enjoy the same excitement about cruisers, riding, and motorcycling as you do, and love talking about our weekend rides, poker runs, road rallies, camp-outs, road trips, and of course sharing technical and customizing ideas. We are bonded together by brotherhood, freedom, and the love of riding.

V-TWIN CRUISERS MC was formed not to be a (traditional) motorcycle club. I was not looking for a “want to be” traditional M/C which have a lot of politics incorporated into them and want you to conform to their traditional motorcycle club ways. In my younger days back in the late 60’s and early 70’s I was a member of an outlaw motorcycle club and learned then at that time I didn’t want a traditional club.I asked myself why do motorcycle clubs have to fall into the traditional mold and be like everyone else, who made up these rules? And who put themselves in charge of them? And why does everyone follow them?  
                                                                                            ~ Vernon “Stroker” Hall
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